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Molto Croissants

European TV Advertising Campaign

If you though it was impossible for a Greek made chocolate croissant to be sexy, then maybe you should check out the ad I made for croissant royalty Molto here. It’s a crying shame that Molto chocolate croissants are not available in the UK, because the UK audience were denied the chance to see me absolutely bossing the gym floor, in lycra. Did the ad work? Oh yes. And why? Because sex sells.

Mike Bubbins Enters the Porthcawl Elvis Festival

This is short film documenting my entry into the Porthcawl Elvis Festival, again made by the talented chaps at Zipline Creative.

Carl and Dean

Comedy Short

This teaser from the upcoming, powerful documentary, Carl and Dean, introduces the title characters. It is powerful, and it will move you. It was made by the wonderful Zipline Creative, and the full, completed, version will be online soon. It features me and Newport’s favourite son/dickhead, John Rutledge, aka Eggsy.

The Unexplainers

Halloween Special Full Trailer

Trailer for the Unexplainers Halloween special on BBC Radio Wales

Forbidden Telecoms

Comedy Short

Touching documentary about one man’s struggle to retain his dignity, in a rapidly changing world. Parental Advisory: Includes implied sexual references, lewd improvised song lyrics and mild, cardboard box-based, peril.